Oswald Möckel


Inventory no.: German Violin 1890 2.41.2B2B.P 11/21
Maker: Oswald Möckel
Region: Germany
Year: c.1898
Tone: Mature, Deep, Powerful.



Oswald Möckel, Berlin’s esteemed maker, left an indelible mark on this elegant violin, as few instruments convey their creator’s “handwriting” as clearly as this one does. Möckel was renowned for crafting exceptional replicas, primarily inspired by the old Italian masters. The selection of beautiful, high-quality tone woods exudes a luminous quality beneath the enchanting golden-yellow varnish.


This master violin showcases exquisite lines and is highly responsive, effortlessly expresses its exceptional tonal qualities. The grain of the wood, as well as the strikingly beautiful deep flames adorning the two-piece back, are brilliantly highlighted under the delicate crackling of the golden-yellow oil varnish.


Meticulously set up and prepared for play by our expert luthiers in our workshop, this violin was tested by our professional violinist, who was delighted by its rich timbre, radiant quality, and the mature resonance of its powerful warm voice. In recording the audio samples for this violin, our musician expertly brought to life the distinctive character of its voice, capturing its essence for all to hear.

Audio Sample

*Percentages shown below are an accurate indicator of the violin’s respective characteristics among TMX’s collection of violins.

Mature 90%
Deep 90%
Powerful 90%


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