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Developing a World-Class Sound through TMX

Albert Einstein once said ‘I know that the most joy in my life has come to me from my Violin’.

A well setup instrument goes a long way to make violin playing fun and enjoyable. Every component of our instrument contributes to the overall tone. Each component is thus evaluated and adjusted to complement all its other parts, until we find the perfect fit. Although this process is painstaking, we see the value in taking the time to ensure your instrument performs to its true potential.

The violin is a very delicate instrument, and is made worse by the brutal environment we live in. Most of our instruments are probably not performing at its best and warrant regular check-ups. An update to your current setup is often the necessary work required.

In bid to achieve the best performance out of the instrument and the player, our luthiers will discuss with our musicians to define the setup of the instrument, so that it is in line with their performance goals. Designing a work scope that address such needs is therefore crucial. Musicians and repertoire are varied and each one has a unique approach for best results.

Tonal adjustments go beyond violin parts like the sound post, bridge, tailpiece, and fingerboard. We go to great lengths to analyse your personal objectives, repertoire, and ergonomics. That leads to a calibrated, methodical approach, to achieve a well-tuned instrument, which boosts your confidence, and maximises your ability for a wonderful musical performance.

I am very grateful for the immense help Mingxi has given me, through lending me the violin and ensuring that my instrument could deliver its best sound during the competition, including making tonal adjustments before the competition which sometimes had to be arranged quite last-minute, but I could always get get a new, better sound on my violin which was extremely important for my performance. The Giovanni Gaida violin I borrowed from Mingxi had a warm sound that was also expressive and penetrating. It complemented my playing style very well and I enjoyed playing on it a lot.

Dai Ailin1st Prize Winner, Violin Artist Finals, NPVC 2021

Ming Xi is a sensitive listener and always fulfil our request on sound adjustments and to tackle our problem efficiently

Chloe ChuaViolinist

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Further improve your instrument’s tone and playability by looking for our TONE SPECIALIST who will give expert advice on how to enhance your instrument to its fullest potential.


Instruments Enhanced Warranty*

Our Warranty includes a year-long extensive coverage of all repair costs up to $1500 (excl. bridge and strings), provided in-house at our workshop!



Tong Ming Xi Workshop Services

Restore & Repair

Our restorers have a deep appreciation for achieving tonal excellence, delivery only the most precise restoration techniques when we breathe new life into antique instruments.

Bow Rehair

Our team follow a very detailed and particular process to ensure that only the finest quality hair is used for our bow rehairing.