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The Straits Times described Tong Ming Xi as “the country’d modern day musical Geppetto”. Tong Ming Xi developed an undisputed reputation for restoration and enhancing tonal quality.

Have these happened to you?

Did you know 70% of violin players are unaware of underlying conditions in their violins? In fact, do you find your violin hard to play or feel that your violin’s sound is muted or its pegs stiff? Your violin is probably due for a check-up! Just as humans do scheduled yearly check-ups, so do our violins. Oftentimes, early diagnosis of underlying conditions in your instrument allows for an early intervention, allowing for effortless playing once again.

Here at TMX clinic, we provide extensive warranty service and support coverage. To ensure your violins are kept in tip-top condition, we can provide violin assessment which covers the checking for straightness of bridge, open seam, loose/stiff pegs, cleanliness, and fingerboard drop. Talk to our expert luthiers today – keep your violin looking fresh, sounding amazing, and easy to play!


Open Seam


Pegs Adjustment

Crack Repair

Bow Repair/Rehair




Instruments Warranty*

  • One year coverage of repair costs up to a maximum of SGD1500* at our workshop.
  • Covers all 70 violin parts except the bridge, strings and bow.
  • We welcome violins of all brands and sizes.


Keep your violin looking fresh, sounding amazing, and easy to play!

Tong Ming Xi Workshop Services

Tonal Adjustment

Tonal adjustment involves the tweaking of each violin part to adjust the tone of the instrument. Every component contributes to the overall tone of the instrument, and the trick is finding the perfect fit, so that the components complement each other.

But beyond that, our luthiers go to great lengths to analyse individual objectives, repertoire, and ergonomics, so that the instrument will be suited to you, the player. That leads to a well-tuned instrument, which boosts your confidence, and maximises your ability for a wonderful musical performance.

Bow Rehair

Bow rehairing is the process of replacing the horsehair on a bow that has been worn out, due to many factors such as wear and tear, or oxidation. A bow needs to be rehaired when the strand of horsehair on the bow is so worn that it is ineffective for playing a string instrument.

Bows are as crucial in the art of playing violin as the instrument. Therefore, our team follows a very detailed process to skilfully restore the bow, and ensure that only the finest quality hair is used for our bow rehairing.