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A Trusted Partner on Your Musical Journey

Tong Ming Xi is more than just a violin store, we are your one-stop solution for all your musical needs. With a meticulously curated selection of violins, violas, and cellos, we offer instruments for beginners to professionals, with expert consultants to advise you on the most suitable instrument. Beyond your initial purchase, our in-house violin workshop offers peace of mind by providing bow and violin repairs, regular maintenance, tonal adjustments, and restorations to ensure your instrument maintains its value. We continue to support every musician’s journey of growth by working closely with your music teachers, offering guidance in selecting the perfect instrument for various occasions be it for practise, performance or competition. With the highest trade-in value in the market of up to 70%, we simplify the path to upgrading your instrument. Beyond instruments, our connections with fellow artists and professionals worldwide promote the development of the music industry and education, creating a symphony of collaboration, innovation, and international music harmony through the Global Strings Federation.

Core Values

Everything we do is guided by these core values. They form the foundation of Tong Ming Xi.







Established World-Class Wood through TMX

One of the leading violin stores in Asia, TMX offers a huge selection of rare violin instruments ranging from collector’s violins to new violins. Our fully-equipped workshop houses our highly-qualified luthiers specialised in comprehensive violin repair and restoration. Specialising in antique violin restoration, our team of in-house experts is also fully devoted to restoring antique violins, fuelled by the belief that every violin is timeless and unique

Developing a World-Class Sound through TMX

Seeking to bring the best out of every violin and supporting our musicians in their journey to realise their true potential, our violin connoisseurs refurbish and tailor every instrument to their owner’s liking, through tonal adjustments and fine-tuning of every component. Our calibrated, methodical approach allows for a well-tuned violin to optimise a musician’s performance. Not a single violin leaves our workshop without new life and euphonious sounds.

Thrive with World-Class Education through TMX

To all of us at Tong Ming Xi, music is more than a skill; it is a lifestyle. We believe that making music is meaningful. We want every person who picks up a violin to enjoy playing it. That’s why we started the Global Strings Federation. We wish to foster a strong network of violin and music enthusiasts, united by our passion for music and desire to impact others with it. Our hope is to facilitate a culture of lifelong learning and engagement with music.

Meet The Team

Our team is driven to help every individual develop their passion for music. We see the potential violin playing has in bringing people together, and we want to help achieve that. From enhancing music education in Singapore to helping individuals reach greater heights with their instruments, everything we do at Tong Ming Xi is dedicated to making music a lifestyle for people. A violin shop for all.

Tong Ming Xi


Vivian Tan

General Manager

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Community Manager

Lan Zhao Ming

Senior Luthier

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Edwin Yoon

Sound Specialist


Strings Advisor