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Finding the right instrument is key in developing your love for music. Here at Tong Ming Xi, we strive to find the right instrument for each customer. Not only do we know our instruments well, we are also well-versed with what the market needs nowadays.

At our galleries, our staff will take the time to understand your needs and wants, and find the instrument perfectly suited to the player’s desires. We also have a wide range of good quality products, so rest assured that we can help you help the perfect match of a violin.

Every violin is timeless and unique. That’s why the Tong Ming Xi Workshop is dedicated to breathing life back into its antique instruments. We are proud to be one of the leading workshops in Asia focused on restoring antique violins.

Our team of luthiers have mastered the art of restoration, and is also adept in maintaining frequently used instruments. Leading the charge is our master luthier Tong Ming Xi, an expert in tonal adjustment and antique restoration. Ming Xi not only knows how to make any violin sound its best, but also seeks to tailor each instrument to its owner’s liking.

Our team at the Tong Ming Xi Workshop is devoted to restoring every violin that comes through the workshop to its full glory, giving them new life and new musical stories to tell.



One of the leading workshops in Asia specialising in antique violin restoration, we have a team of in-house experts fully devoted to restoring antique violins, fuelled by the belief that every violin is timeless and unique. Apart from antique violins that are restored to their full glory, we offer a huge selection of violins ranging from collector’s violin to new violins.


timeless instruments

restored with new life at our workshop

Meet The Team

Our team is driven to help every individual develop their passion for music. We see the potential violin playing has in bringing people together, and we want to help achieve that. From enhancing music education in Singapore, to helping individuals reach greater heights with their instruments, everything we do at Tong Ming Xi is dedicated to making music a lifestyle for people.

Tong Ming Xi

Master Luthier/ Tonal Specialist

Lan Zhao Ming

Senior Luthier

Megan Ngo