Pierre Simon


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Inventory no.: P. Simon 4.99. H2F4A.U 03/22
Maker: Pierre Simon
Region: French
Year: c.1840



This wonderful stick is round and has a length of 72.9 cm. It is of a dark orange brown pernambuco which has few random figurations and is of excellent quality. The model of the head is typical of Simon’s work of 1840 period. This bow is convert of self rehairing stick.


Paul Childs Certificate.

Audio Sample

Title : Excerpts from Kreisler’s Praeludium and Allegro

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  1. Javan

    Had the opportunity to try this bow and was immediately blown away by its power and incredibly rich sound quality which makes it suitable for performing larger scale works like concerti. My only regret is that this bow is slightly harder to control, especially when it comes to faster and more technically challenging sections.

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