Labelled Vincenzo Cavani


Inventory no.: 7.L459.300P Pietro Perni 06/21
Maker: Labelled Vincenzo Cavani
Region: France
Year: c.1920
Tone: Warm, Sweet, Full of character



This interesting full size violin bears the label of Vincenzo Cavani. This superb example of Cavani’s work made in 1920 features a finely figured two piece back with matching scroll, two piece Spruce top with medium to wide grain. Born in 1889, son and pupil of Giovanni Cavani, Vincenzo bacame a master-hand and won medals at several expositions. Its sound is warm and sweet,and it has a compelling sound, singing and bright in the upper registers.

Audio Sample

Title: Bruch Violin Concerto no.1, first movement


*Percentages shown below are an accurate indicator of the violin’s respective characteristics among TMX’s collection of violins.

Warm 90%
Sweet 70%
Full of character 90%


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