Comprehensive Repair Services

Our team are highly experienced in instrument repair and we aspire to see musicians appreciating the importance of properly set-up and well maintained strings instruments in their pursuit of music.

Have these happened to you?

Speak to our in-house luthiers to get your string instruments checked and quoted for free today.


Open Seam


Pegs Adjustment

Crack Repair

Bow Repair




Instruments Enhanced Warranty*

Coverage of repair costs up to a maximum of SGD1500 for 365 days provided by Tong Ming Xi Workshop!



Tong Ming Xi Workshop Services


Our restorers have a deep appreciation for achieving tonal excellence, delivery only the most precise restoration techniques when we breathe new life into antique instruments.

Bow Rehair

Our team follow a very detailed and particular process to ensure that only the finest quality hair is used for our bow rehairing.


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