Workshop of Edward Withers


Inventory no.:English Mid 20TH 2.338.FB3A.P 09/21
Maker:Workshop of Edward Withers
Region: United Kingdom
Year: c.1950
Tone: Warm, Sweet, Radiance



This fine violin is believed to be from the Edward Withers Workshop, dating back to the fin de siècle period. Its varnish exudes the spirit of cosmopolitan English culture.


Every aspect of this violin has been crafted with attention to the finest detail. The scroll still retains traces of its once stylish blackened edges, adding a touch of vintage elegance. The dark reddish-brown varnish beautifully complements the fine-to-moderate grain of the spruce top and the rich flames adorning the one-piece back.


The sophisticated character of this violin’s large and resonant sound sets it apart. It combines a clear warmth in the lower registers, accompanied by a delightful sweetness and impressive radiance in the upper registers, begetting a highly distinctive and expressive voice.

Audio Sample

*Percentages shown below are an accurate indicator of the violin’s respective characteristics among TMX’s collection of violins.

Warm 90%
Sweet 90%
Radiance 90%


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