Copy of Stradivari


Inventory no.: VE.L601.09E
Maker: Laberte
Region: Mirecourt, France
Year: c.1890
Tone: bright, clear, mature

Available at Tong Ming Xi Esplanade


This beautiful antique French violin labeled with a typical Stradivarius model label was made by Laberte in Mirecourt. The tastefully crafted arching, the typical scroll and the mildly flamed sycamore maple of the two-piece back determine the elegant appearance of the instrument, which is completed by a transparent darkened light-brown varnish. Crackfree and well-preserved in general, this antique French violin has been completely worked over by the luthiers in our atelier and – like all stringed instruments and bows from us – it has been fully serviced and made ready to play.

Audio Sample

Title: Banjo and Fiddle

Title: Bruch Violin Concerto no.1, first movement

*Percentages shown below are an accurate indicator of the violin’s respective characteristics among TMX’s collection of violins.

Bright 90%
Clear 70%
Sweet 50%


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