Paul Bailly


Inventory no.: 2.L200.2000P 06/13
Maker: Paul Bailly
Region: Mirecourt, France
Year: c.1890
Tone: bright, clean, rich in overtones



Born at Mirecourt, France in 1844, Bailly trained with Jules Galliard and J. B. Vuillaume. He travelled extensively before finally settling in Paris in 1880. He successfully entered many international exhibitions, including some in Australia, but we have no information that he actually visited this country. An exceptionally gifted and quick maker, he is credited with around 2,000 instruments.

This very attractive orange-gold violin has a typically bright sound and multi-layered, quick response. A full sound across the range with overtones and harmonics noticeably present, it exhibits great articulation, with remarkable volume and carrying power.

Audio Sample

Title: Banjo and Fiddle

Title: Bruch Violin Concerto no.1, first movement

*Percentages shown below are an accurate indicator of the violin’s respective characteristics among TMX’s collection of violins.

Clarity 90%
Bright 80%
Rich in overtones 70%


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