Martin Fuguer


Inventory no.: Martin Fuguer 7.L1139.022P
Maker: Martin Fuguer
Region: Germany
Year: C.1927
Tone: Warm, Bright, Full of character



A good German violin labelled Martin Fuguer Schonbach, Bohemia 1927. The model is after Antonius Stradivarius. The top wood is remarkably beautiful medium grained spruce, the one piece back is mad e of flamed sycamore maple. Well made antiquings decorates the beautiful tonewoods. This interesting old violin is ready to play, the sound is warm, bright, full of character and its suited for orchestra players.

Audio Sample

Title: Bruch Violin Concerto no.1, first movement

*Percentages shown below are an accurate indicator of the violin’s respective characteristics among TMX’s collection of violins.

Warm 80%
Bright 70%
Full of character 90%


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