Laberte-Humberl Frères 1912


Inventory no.: AV.85.5A5D.P L.H.FRERES 1912 03/20
Maker: Laberte-Humberl Frères
Region: French
Year: c.1912
Tone: Warm, Mature, Brilliant.



Mirecourt firm founded in 1876 by the violin making brothers Maurice-Emile and Pierre Alexis Auguste Laberte. At first it produced only factory instruments, some with fictitious labels such as ‘J. Didelot’. In the early 20th century Marc Laberte, the son of Pierre Alexis Auguste Laberte, added a range of higher-quality instruments by makers including Joseph Aubry, Charles Brugere, Camille Poirson and Georges Apparut.

In 1919 the violin maker Fourier Magnié joined the firm, which continued under the name “Laberte et Magnié” or “L.F.M.” By this time the company had grown to around 400 workers. In 1927 the company bought the brand “A La Ville de Cremonne” by Paul Mangeno.

The Mirecourt instrument making industry went into decline during the mid 20th century, and all three of its large firms ended production in the 1960s. Laberte closed in 1969 after the death of Philippe Laberte.

The interesting grain of the fine-to-medium grained spruce top and the interesting flaming of the two-piece maple back are indicative of the sensitive wood selection of experienced luthiers, whose hands are evident in the fine workmanship of the purfling, the delicately extended corners, and the cleanly cut soundholes and scroll details. The beautiful golden-brown varnish finish rounds out the visibly good qualities of this cello, and its beautiful warm sound makes it a first-rate choice for young, growing talent.


Title: Saint-Saëns The Swan

Title: J.S. Bach Cello Suite No. 3, Prelude

Cello Has Own Identity

*Percentages shown below are an accurate indicator of the cello’s respective characteristics among TMX’s collection of cellos.

Warm 90%
Mature in character 85%
Brilliant 85%


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