Copy of Jacob Stainer


Inventory no.:Jacobus Stainer 1733 4/4 PY.357.KC.S 5/12 05/23
Maker:Copy of Jacob Stainer
Region: Germany
Year: c.1930
Tone: Bright, Resonant, Rich in overtones



This enchanting violin from Saxony emanates a bright and clear sound, characteristic of its handmade craftsmanship. Crafted around 1930 by an anonymous German violin maker, it reflects a successful interpretation of the revered Jacobus Stainer model, evident in its thoughtfully designed f-holes and skillfully executed high archings in the middle of the top and back.


Exhibiting the expertise of an experienced hand, the violin showcases low ribs and a meticulously crafted two-piece back. Its remarkable craftsmanship has stood the test of time. Our luthiers worked over every fine detail, ensuring that it is perfectly preserved and ready to be played.


When played, this beautiful violin projects a shining and robust voice, radiating brightness and richness in overtones. It possesses a singing character, making it an exceptionally powerful and resonant instrument suitable for soloists.

Audio Sample

*Percentages shown below are an accurate indicator of the violin’s respective characteristics among TMX’s collection of violins.

Bright 90%
Resonant 90%
Rich In Overtones 90%


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